Bare Tree Media is a mobile messaging agency based in Boston MA. We were one of the first companies to offer brands a presence in the digital sector. We started out offering branded virtual goods within online virtual worlds, mobile games, connected game consoles and TV set-top devices. Soon we became a leading provider of branded digital stickers within Asian-based messaging apps such as LINE, Kakao Talk and WeChat. Our credibility and success in Asia led to us expanding partnerships across Europe and the Americas with platforms such as Apple iMessage, BBM, Facebook Messenger, KIK, VIBER and others.

Today we are a leader offering branded messaging stickers and branded emoji apps around the world. Brands choose us based on our expertise, credibility, flexibility, and timeliness.

Beyond our creative content and digital distribution competencies, we have a proprietary tech platform that offers content management, data analytics and e-commerce behind mobile messaging stickers for brands to access.

Our team is made up of seasoned business development, product marketing professionals, and passionate creative designers. Although we are a small team we have earned the respect and trust of both large and small clients such as ABC/Disney, CBS, DreamWorks, NFLPA, Life is Good, L’Oreal, MuscleTech, New England Patriots, Paws Inc (Garfield), SONY, Warner Bros, 20th Century FOX and hundreds of others.