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For Garfield fans and lasagna lovers alike, Garfield StickerTap provides the messaging stickers to express the malaise and simple pleasures of daily life.

After giving snarky comments and opinions in comic strips for 40 years, Garfield is the perfect candidate to grace mobile messaging and to pop up in photos with a wisecrack. (He’s also a really old cat! How many Mondays is that?)

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Sticker Gallery

StickerTap includes a wide gamut of stickers for various moods and occasions, including original pixel art-styled stickers, Halloween and Valentine themes- even Odie has his own pack.

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FrankenGarfield coffee gif


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Birthday (Garfield’s 40th!)

Garfield love emoji


Photo Editing

Situational humor is one of Garfield’s secret sauces, and Garfield StickerTap puts that sauce in the hands of fans everywhere. Its built-in photo editing feature allows users to add a little snark and feline love to their new and existing photos.


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