To kick off the month of November, we are excited to recap all the *spooktacular* creative content we made and shared throughout the month of October in this issue of our newsletter. As always, we would like to thank our clients and business partners for their endless support and flexibility, and we hope everyone had a great Halloween!




Meet Wendy, our summer illustration and animation sprout! Wendy worked closely with our senior illustrator and AR/animation teams to create her own personal sticker pack for GIPHY, Tenor, and iMessage.

We will miss Wendy and look forward to seeing all her future creations! Please scroll down to learn more about the personal project she worked on while
interning at the studio.

“Through Tea for Teaspoon, I got to explore so many of my interests, like character design, complex rigging, and 3D animation. With the help of my coworkers, I was finally able to accomplish my dream of designing my own personal sticker pack, while also challenging myself to learn new skills”


Nothing is more rewarding than seeing our summer interns’ projects come to life.

O.M.Tea! Meet Teaspoon—a mighty, fearsome matcha-thief brewing with mischief. Keep an eye out on your own cup, for you never know where he’ll pop up next…maybe even in your messages?! For Wendy’s personal project, she used Maya to create animated 3D stickers inspired by some of her favorite things!

“I thought about the things I love and wouldn’t mind working on for 6 months. I settled on matcha, hamsters, and deer. I also drew inspiration from the sticker packs I personally use. Taking all of this into account, I designed 21 silhouettes, narrowed it down to 8 thumbnails, and finally iterated on 1 design. That’s how
I ended up with Teaspoon!”

matcha tea


As an animation student at Northeastern University, Wendy was able to explore the entire pipeline—character concept, color, modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, and animating. She was able to develop marketable skills across multiple disciplines. Her favorite part was getting to design all of Teaspoon’s expressions!

Click the link below to download these 3D animated stickers from the App Store. You can also find them on GIPHY and Tenor. They are sure to last you an oolong time.

ha ha




Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus

The Sanderson Sisters are back and spookier than ever! Our illustration and animation teams had the opportunity to design some animated stickers for their return. Find them on GIPHY, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Put on your best Halloween costume, pour yourself a big glass of witches brew, and watch Hocus Pocus 2, available now on Disney Plus.

Smurfs Halloween Samsung Theme

Are you ready to have a smurfalicious Halloween? Get spooooky with the Smurfs and download The Smurfs: Fright Club Samsung Theme from the Galaxy Store.

Halloween Samsung Icon Pack

Our illustration team wanted to share their love for Halloween with Samsung users. Customize your Samsung device with this Halloween-themed icon pack. Each icon was created by our team and contains a little design with a ghoulish twist! Download from the Galaxy Store today.

Samsung Icon pack


There’s nothing we love more than designing Twitter branded likes and hashtags for our partners! See our Twitter Feed for some of the work that was created and released this month.


Started off spooky season with a smile! Our design and animation teams had the opportunity to create a branded like to promote the premiere of fall’s newest psychological horror film, Smile! Don’t let the smile fool you…(we’d know)!

Smile movie twitter branded like


Fans of the original Interview With a Vampire were in for a treat! Using dark and light mode play, a concept we began to incorporate into our designs at the start of the new year, Twitter users in dark mode now get an extra surprise when they hit the like button. The Interview With a Vampire series is available to watch now on AMC.


We got to help American Express members get ready for Member Week. By liking any tweet with #withAmex, Twitter users not only received reminders for all the offers and experiences available but also got to see our design and animation skills at work.

Amex twitter branded like


We’d like a cup of that coffee! As the exclusive creator of branded likes for the Middle East regions, we had the opportunity to use our design skills to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s #InternationalCoffeeDay.

Coffee Day Twitter Branded Like


Designing Twitter emojis for branded hashtag campaigns brings us joy! Kraft Mac & Cheese, CheezIt, and BRAVO are some of the many brands we did projects for this month. Check out our website to see some of our other Twitter branded hashtag work.

Twitter emojis


We’re Growing The Team! 🌱

We are currently hiring for the following positions within the company:

2D Senior Animator

3D FX/Game Designer

Augmented Reality (AR) Developer

If any of these sounds like you or someone you know, send a resume and portfolio link to