The Problem

Snap-on Incorporated is an American designer, manufacturer and marketer of high-end tools and equipment for professional use in the transportation industry including the automotive, heavy duty, equipment, marine, aviation, and railroad industries.

With a thriving social media community already in place, Snap-on approached us to help them expand how their fans could interact with their brand in a new and engaging way. They wanted to focus on expanding the digital reach that they have through their socials and offer shareable branded content.

The Solution

With an active and passionate Snap-on community already in place, a standalone sticker app was an obvious choice. An app would allow Snap-on enthusiasts to send Snap-on branded stickers across a variety of messaging platforms that they already use. That feature combined with the photo editing function of the app transforms them into brand ambassadors for Snap-on when they share content beyond the Snap-on community.

Within the app, our team of illustrators and animators created a large library of sticker content to allow for continuous content updates to keep the app fresh and active. These additional stickers were created for new tool launches, holidays, seasons and Snap-on company events.

In addition, we verified their GIPHY channel and managed publishing their digital stickers. This enabled the stickers to be used across all the apps integrated with GIPHY, including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and more!

The App

Sticker Gallery

Snap-on’s sticker gallery was organized into tabs. One main tab for their base set of stickers and a tab that changed according to the season and company specific events.

Photo Editing

Photo editing is a frequently used feature of the Snap-on app. They loved adding Snap-on merch to photos of themselves, their kids and their pets and sharing across their socials!

Starter Stickers

We created a base set of stickers to kick Snap-on’s sticker app off to a good start. The stickers ranged from tool products, inside jokes and Snap-on merch designed for photo editing.

Event-based Stickers

Snap-on engages with their community by hosting a variety of social campaigns. We created stickers to accompany those initiatives.

Highlighted here are the stickers for their summer Master of the Pit event. They enlisted a master meat griller and country rocker Tim Montana as to be their pitmaster host for a few weeks of grilling tips and giveaways via social platforms. The sticker pack was a mix of frames to be used around photos, an apron to try on and a couple animated stickers of Tim Montana himself.


Stickers for Every Time of Year

Snap-on wanted to share the fun side of their company through Snap-on Tools themed stickers for different holidays and season throughout the year!

The Process

All of our sticker projects go through three creative and approval phases: sketches, color and animation. This ensures our clients gets the end product they want and have a voice in the creative process. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the creation of one of the summer stickers.


During the sketch phase, animation notes were recorded so the client had an idea of what the final animation would look like.


The color phase was to approve color choices, material rendering and tool likeness.


Finally the last stage was animation and the sticker was complete!


Sticker & Photo Editing App



GIPHY Publishing


Client – Snap-on Tools

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