GIFs & Twitter Branded Hashtags

Warner Bros. reached out to us to create a series of GIFs and Twitter branded hashtags to build hype for the release of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune across social media platforms like Twitter, GIPHY, and Instagram Story. We created stylized and hyper-readable chibi versions of different key characters to reflect the updated, modern tone of the movie; we had a blast putting a new spin on such an iconic property.

Our stickers and emojis helped spread the love of Dune all over the digital planetary system; our stickers received over 100M views on GIPHY, and Tweets using character hashtags received massive amounts of fan engagement.

Twitter Branded Hashtags

For Twitter, we created a set of branded hashtags that would be tied to a hashtag for each character.

Select Stickers

See the full set on GIPHY.







Client – Warner Bros.

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