The weather is getting warmer and our projects are heating up! In this issue of our newsletter, we would like to share what our incredible team has been up to this late-Winter & Spring. We had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients this quarter and have a lot of great work to showcase. As always, we would like to thank our business partners for their endless support and flexibility.

Movie Magic

We love providing clients with creative ways to share sneak peeks of their films and boost engagement beyond the typical trailer. Our design and animation teams had the wonderful opportunity to work on creating rotoscope stickers for two upcoming movie releases: Challengers and Mad Max: Furiosa. Thank you to our Art Director, Jackie Karnoff, for taking the lead on these projects. We’d also like to shout out Charlie and Chihiro for all their hard work on the Challengers stickers. These stickers are available for free on GIPHY.

Warner Bros Pictures released the latest installment of the Dune franchise, “Dune: Part 2,” this past March. In celebration of its release, we’re throwing it back to the animated stickers our design team created for “Dune: Part One.” We loved collaborating with Warner Bros on these stickers and were very excited to see the evolution of these characters on screen in the latest installment. Click here to check them out!

Creations & Causes

At Bare Tree Media, we love to create work for causes near and dear to our hearts. The last few months, our design and social media teams have been working together to create social justice posts inspired by Black History Month, female empowerment, blood donations, and sustainability. Visit our GIPHY page to follow along with this series.