Staff Feature - AAPI Heritage Month

May was Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. We look to celebrate the illustrious and impactful contributions of more than 45 countries and 3 territories all across Asia, including Eastern Asia, Southeastern Asia, Southern Asia, Central Asia, and Western Asia (ref: asia The AAPI community has faced much adversity throughout history and continues to face adversity today.

Our new art manager, Elisa Lau, created an illustration for LaGuardia Marine Air Terminal’s first AAPIHM Exhibit back in 2021. This year, her work was the lead feature in the Social Justice category of Bloomfield College’s annual Literary Magazine. Lau’s piece highlights the importance of allyship in a world deeply divided.

“To this day, the Asian community is still viewed as foreigners. Our looks and heritage should not deny us our American identity. We are part of this country’s history, yet there are continuous efforts to erase our contributions and sacrifices. From micro-aggressions to physical violence, the continuous rise of anti-Asian hate has significantly impacted the mental health and safety of our communities. We need to heal and encourage our allies to join us in this effort,” said Lau.

Our company would like to recognize Elisa’s work, recognition, and efforts, as well as the diverse cultures and rich histories of all AAPI communities. Her illustration reminds us all that the world’s deadliest viruses are hate and unwarranted prejudice; we must stand together and unite against anti-AAPI racism. To learn more about ways to stand with the AAPI community, please take the time to read the following resources:

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