BTM takes on KSA! In case you missed it on our socials last month, Twitter named us the exclusive design studio of branded likes for the North America, Europe, and Middle East regions. On July 27th, our first branded like went live for Twitter users in Saudi Arabia. This design was created for stc pay, a mobile wallet that can be used to pay bills and send money to friends and family. We loved having the opportunity to bring branded likes to overseas advertisers and cannot wait for more designs to go live in the near future.



July is National Ice Cream month and our design, animation, & AR teams collaborated to bring our audiences *sweet* visual experiences.

Inspired by early 2000s computer games, our lead illustrator, Danielle, designed an ice cream vending machine game for our audiences. While fully leaning into the nostalgia of the 2000s, she also wanted to bring a new and modern approach to this design. Although the storyboarding sketches below show an ice cream purchase gone wrong, we decided that everyone should be a winner during
National Ice Cream month!

Rudy, our motion graphics intern, brought Danielle’s 2000s vision to life through animation. By animating the “start game” and selection processes, users feel as though they are playing the game and receiving the ice cream themselves. A flashing sign with celebratory confetti appears when users are notified they have won the game.


Wanting to bring some sweetness to our Snapchat channel, our AR designer, Wayne, designed a simple randomizer lens inspired by Danielle’s design. When users end a video, an ice cream from the machine is randomly selected. National Ice Cream month may be over, but you can’t go wrong with a big scoop of your favorite flavor of this frosty dessert.
Try out “Ice Cream Machine” by clicking here or by scanning the snapcode.



Our team is constantly finding new ways to be in touch with the latest trends. Memes inspired by the children’s book series “Mr. Men & Little Miss” have gone viral on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. We decided to put our own artistic spin on these memes!



Lord of the Rings is returning to Amazon Prime Video in September. We had the opportunity to design a branded like to promote the new spin-off: The Rings of Power. It was cool to see so many Twitter users engaging with the branded like.

💖  Emoji Day 😆


Can’t decipher it? WE LOVE EMOJIS!
Everyday is World Emoji Day for our creative studio. We love designing Twitter emojis for advertisers’ branded hashtag campaigns. These assets may be little, but they pack a powerful (and creative) punch! To see all the exciting emoji projects we’ve done, check out our website portfolio.

Pet Hydration Month

Some like it hot, but your dog does not! For Pet Hydration Month, we teamed up again with Boston Animal Care and Control Shelter to design stickers to remind pet owners to protect their pets from the summer heat. Click here for the shelter’s GIPHY page to see the other animal welfare stickers we created.

Cactus Boi: Pride Samsung Theme

Pride Month is every month! Cactus Boi is bringing the Pride party to the Galaxy Store! Our graphic design summer intern, Raquel, designed the theme’s elements using a variety of design programs. Using color, images, and fonts, Raquel created a fun, coherent theme for users. Download “Cactus Boi: Pride” from the Galaxy Store!


This month we wanted to celebrate TV’s most famous ladies! In preparation of #NationalGoldenGirlsDay on July 30th, we shared Samsung Themes that showcase each of the girls’ personalities and links to animated messaging stickers for iMessage!




GIPHY Artist Channel

The month of July has been all about features for Bare Tree Media.

Introducing GIPHY clips! This feature allows designers to upload animations that include sound.
Our Bastille Day clip was featured alongside our other GIFs on GIPHY’s artist channel.


Lens List Snapchat Selection

Lens List wanted to join the Smurfs for a game of soccer! Our hyper-casual gamified lens, “Smurf Soccer,” was featured on Lens List’s June Snapchat Selection for its complexity and user-friendliness. It’s been an honor to be featured alongside so many other talented AR designers and studios. See Lens List’s Instagram for the feature post and try our “Smurf Soccer” Lens by scanning the snapcode!

Back To Boston

Boston-based team members have been getting together weekly throughout the month of July to work in-person for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. Our hybrid work weeks provide flexibility, as well as an opportunity for new hires to meet long-standing staff. Team members were able to work collaboratively on design projects, discuss strategy, and even participate in a few bonding activities, including a Workbar birthday party!

We’re Growing The Team! 🌱

We are currently hiring for the following positions within the company:

2D Senior Animator

3D FX/Game Designer

Augmented Reality (AR) Developer

If any of these sounds like you or someone you know, send a resume and portfolio link to