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Nickolai Kinny-Whitmore, Global Social Media & Communications Specialist at WWF International

What we loved about working with Bare Tree Media was their commitment to speed, design and innovation. The AR filter they created for our community was fresh, relevant and fun enough to drive not just audience engagement but also educate them on a more sustainable lifestyle. Earth Hour 2020 was a success because of partners like them and we look forward to working with them on future campaigns.

Shaelyn Germain, Engagement Manager at Wimpy Kid Inc.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have found the team at Bare Tree Media. They have helped us bring the Wimpy Kid world to life digitally through static and animated stickers, GIFs and augmented reality effects, which has led to hundreds of millions of interactions with our brand throughout the globe. Over the course of the past two years, Bare Tree Media has introduced us to new platforms, helped forge connections with new brands and continued to keep us in mind for new projects and emerging platforms.  They have been a tremendous support and resource to our team and we are grateful for our continued partnership.

Jim Davis, Legendary cartoonist and the creator of Garfield

Over the many years that it took Garfield to transition from an analog cat into a digital cat, Bare Tree Media was there to make sure that he remained entertaining and true to the brand. As we forged new international markets Bare Tree Media remained a trusted and savvy ally, and Bob Ferrari became a good friend. We had great fun creating the digital campaigns with Bare Tree Media. As Garfield would say, “That’s the icing on the cake.”