To kick off the month of October, we are excited to recap all the creative content we made and shared throughout the month of September in this issue of our newsletter. As always, we would like to thank our clients and business partners for their endless support and flexibility.


A newsletter dedicated to the people who know how to make everyday communication with friends and family less boring! Our AR team has been busy this month working on creating new, innovative experiences for brands and their audiences. Keep reading to learn more about the *many* exciting projects they have been working on.

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Digital AR marketing company Lenslist held another challenge and our AR team just had to participate! The Snapchat x Lenslist AR Fashion Month Challenge called upon creators to “design original fashion and beauty lenses to help [the] AR community get dressed, made-up, and ready for the most stylish events of the year” (LensList).

We felt as though this contest would be a perfect opportunity to experiment with Lens Studios’ newest features and to design a lens for the fashion/make-up market—a market where AR and AR technologies are rapidly transforming the ways companies engage with customers.





Our lens, Elemental Euphoria, captures the beauty of nature with a fashion twist. In collaboration with Rudy, our motion graphics intern, and Elisa, our art manager, the AR team designed 3 unique lenses inspired by the elements: earth, fire, and water. Each one contains wearable jewelry and makeup that incorporate custom 3D assets and 2D motion graphics. For example, for the earth, emerald jewels were used; for fire, gold, and designs that looked like the sun’s rays; for water, rain clouds, and other images associated with water.

The Elemental Euphoria Lens is a try-on lens that takes advantage of Lens Studios’ newest technologies including voice activation, chain physics, and speech recognition. When users speak, the lens will change to a different element.

Try out “Elemental Euphoria” by clicking here or by scanning the snapcode, and congratulations to all the creators who participated in this contest!



Our AR team loves Instagram as much as Snapchat and TikTok! This September we designed and published 2 branded effects for Instagram Camera.

Have you ever wondered what tool you are, or what Mr. Men, Little Miss character you are? These two simple randomizer lenses we created for Snap-on and Mr. Men Little Miss allow users to engage with their favorite brands in a fun, interactive ways. Click the links below to test out the effects and share your results with us @baretreemedia.


Our design team has been busy designing Twitter-branded likes and hashtags for our partners!

See our Twitter Feed for some of the work that was created and released this month.


A new kind of DC Comics superhero is in town…introducing Black Adam. This branded like gave Twitter users a
24-hour surprise that was as electric as him!


Live Long and Prosper! Our design and animation teams had the opportunity to create a branded like to promote Star Trek Day on September 8th. As Star Trek fans ourselves, we would be lying if we said we did not have a blast designing something
for fellow fans of the Star Trek universe.


Learn, discover, and #searchon with Google: the world’s leading search engine. Twitter users in the US had 24 hours to engage with this colorful design and show
their love to Google.


 As the exclusive design studio of branded likes for the Middle East regions, we created a few branded likes to celebrate Saudi National Day on September 23rd. These little animations did a perfect job of promoting tourism to the country!


Little designs, big impact—branded hashtags are the perfect way to enhance your brands’ advertising and marketing campaigns. We loved getting to design and share our creative process with brands such as TMobile, KIA, and Panini x NFL. Check out our website to see some of our other Twitter hashtag work.



We’re Growing The Team! 🌱

We are currently hiring for the following positions within the company:

2D Senior Animator

3D FX/Game Designer

Augmented Reality (AR) Developer

If any of these sounds like you or someone you know, send a resume and portfolio link to