DreamWorks Trolls

To promote the debut of the hit movie, Trolls, we worked with DreamWorks to create a custom branded sticker-photo app revolving around the characters.

The project included the creation and publishing of an iOS and android sticker app, sticker design and animation.

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Sticker Gallery

The DreamWorks team decided to offer a wide variety of stickers in their app. Featured on the right are some of the emoji style stickers available. Other packs included stickers with 2D & 3D art, objects for photo editing and animated stickers! Special packs were available to download through the shop.

2D Sticker

dreamworks trolls animated messaging sticker

2D Animated Sticker

3D Sticker

3D Animated Sticker


A portion of the stickers were animated by our team to push the stickers emotion. Nothing says Trolls like singing Poppy and dancing Branch! Below are some highlights from the animated pack.

Photo Editing

For this app, a special sticker pack was created with photo editing in mind. This sticker pack included objects and creatures to place on photos, as well as some of the characters’ unique hair styles!


Sticker-Photo App



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