We were very happy to work with the wonderful marketing team over at Disney to create custom Twitter emojis for a number of their feature films. Twitter emoji campaigns consist of adding a custom emoji to a specific hashtag a brand wants to promote and are often part of a larger social media campaign. In these cases, Disney was promoting their new films and the characters in them. You can learn more about the benefits of a Twitter emoji campaign in our blog post.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

For Ralph Breaks the Internet, Disney wanted to highlight the leading stars Ralph and Vanellope while also introducing two new stars, Yesss and Shank to the roster.

Christopher Robin

We were especially excited to work on Christopher Robin and give a new look to the beloved characters of the 100 Acre Wood. In addition to the Twitter emojis, we created a set of iMessage stickers in the same style.

Mary Poppins Returns

For this title, the goal was to capture Emily Blunt’s likeness and costume details while still creating a clean image that will read well at the very tiny Twitter emoji size.




Client – Disney

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