Bare Tree Media Named Exclusive Design Agency of Twitter

Boston, MA – June 30, 2022 — Twitter named Bare Tree Media the exclusive design studio of branded likes for the North America, Europe, and Middle East regions. For the last year, Bare Tree Media worked with Twitter ArtHouse to design custom branded likes for Twitter and their clients. 

As part of a beta program, Twitter offered the creation of branded likes to only a select few advertisers. Branded likes are attached to any tweet that contains a brand-specific hashtag and are live for 24 hours on the platform. As limited edition campaigns, they drive hashtag and tweet engagement.  Advertisers love branded likes and the awareness they bring their companies. As of June 30th, branded likes will now be offered to a wider audience of advertisers on Twitter.

The Smurfs, ZEPETO Metaverse Collaboration

Brussels – June 24, 2022 — I.M.P.S. / Lafig Belgium have collaborated with Bare Tree Media to design and place The Smurfs branded virtual goods within ZEPETO, Asia’s largest metaverse platform with over 300 million registered users around the globe. The initial launch includes The Smurfs summer collection of custom designed 2D and 3D branded apparel and accessories, available exclusively to the global audience within ZEPETO.

“This is such a smurftastic opportunity to launch a popular branded IP into the metaverse with a leading metaverse partner. We are thrilled to offer ZEPETO’s global audience of 300 million users an opportunity to customize their avatars and metaverse experience with The Smurfs branded digital goods collection.” — Robert Ferrari, President of Bare Tree Media

This is the first metaverse collaboration between ZEPETO and Bare Tree Media. I.M.P.S. and Bare Tree Media have worked on past digital collaborations to introduce The Smurfs to branded mobile messaging applications, GIPHY, Snapchat (i.e., AR experience), and smartwatches.


“The Smurfs fans have been surprised lately with some unexpected young adult fashion collaborations. How exciting to now be able to connect with this audience within the metaverse. We are so thrilled to collaborate on this project with the amazing Bare Tree Media team and come out of the blue once again, bringing some new Smurf fun within ZEPETO!” — Philippe Glorieux, Head of Marketing & Family Entertainment at I.M.P.S.

The current ZEPETO launch of The Smurfs branded virtual goods goes live June 24th available globally.

About Bare Tree Media

As a pioneer in the digital creative and technology sector, Bare Tree Media enables brands to reach, engage, and entertain consumers through the creation and digital publishing of branded emojis, messaging stickers, GIFs, digital collectibles, metaverse virtual goods, and augmented reality experiences within popular messaging platforms. Interested brands can learn more at or contact Bare Tree Media at

About Peyo, LAFIG Belgium/I.M.P.S. (International Merchandising Promotions & Services)

I.M.P.S., together with LAFIG Belgium, are the official licensors of the little blue-skinned characters ‘The Smurfs.’ Over the years, IMPS has worked in close collaboration with its agents worldwide to develop successful licensed merchandising, retail and co-branded promotions, publishing activities, broadcasting deals, theme parks, live shows, and family entertainment centers that have secured the everlasting success of the Smurfs. IMPS is run by Véronique Culliford, the daughter of Smurfs creator Pierre Culliford, who is better known under his pseudonym Peyo. Véronique has run I.M.P.S. since 1984 and controls with LAFIG Belgium the rights to the Smurfs characters and the Smurfs licensing worldwide.


ZEPETO is a metaverse providing the next generation with freedom of identity in the virtual space. With over 300 million lifetime users, ZEPETO is the fastest growing avatar platform in Asia. It is most popular among Generation Z, who express themselves while meeting, collaborating, and creating with others.

Staff Feature - AAPI Heritage Month

May was Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. We look to celebrate the illustrious and impactful contributions of more than 45 countries and 3 territories all across Asia, including Eastern Asia, Southeastern Asia, Southern Asia, Central Asia, and Western Asia (ref: asia The AAPI community has faced much adversity throughout history and continues to face adversity today.

Our new art manager, Elisa Lau, created an illustration for LaGuardia Marine Air Terminal’s first AAPIHM Exhibit back in 2021. This year, her work was the lead feature in the Social Justice category of Bloomfield College’s annual Literary Magazine. Lau’s piece highlights the importance of allyship in a world deeply divided.

“To this day, the Asian community is still viewed as foreigners. Our looks and heritage should not deny us our American identity. We are part of this country’s history, yet there are continuous efforts to erase our contributions and sacrifices. From micro-aggressions to physical violence, the continuous rise of anti-Asian hate has significantly impacted the mental health and safety of our communities. We need to heal and encourage our allies to join us in this effort,” said Lau.

Our company would like to recognize Elisa’s work, recognition, and efforts, as well as the diverse cultures and rich histories of all AAPI communities. Her illustration reminds us all that the world’s deadliest viruses are hate and unwarranted prejudice; we must stand together and unite against anti-AAPI racism. To learn more about ways to stand with the AAPI community, please take the time to read the following resources:

Asian Americans | PBS
Smithsonian Asian American Pacific Center
Stop AAPI Hate
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2022

Spring 2022 Newsletter

In this issue of our newsletter, we will be recapping all the creative content we made and shared throughout the spring. As always, we would like to thank our clients and business partners for their endless support and flexibility, and we look forward to collaborating with them on new projects this summer.

Quidd Partnerships

In case you missed it on our socials, we are beyond excited to officially announce our partnership with Quidd, the leading digital collectible marketplace. Bare Tree Media is working with Quidd to launch digital collectibles to fans. Upcoming collaborations will feature a variety of popular licensed brands. Previously, Bare Tree Media and Quidd partnered to release Smurfs-themed content and within the first two hours of launching, the series sold out and sales exceeded $100,000. More details announced at:

“Given the monumental success [of our first launch on Quidd], we are scheduling monthly product releases through year-end on the Quidd platform and invite brands to join us…by working with Bare Tree Media, brands can offer non-NFT digital collectibles to fans to be bought on the primary market and sold on the secondary market within Quidd…” — Robert Ferrari, president of Bare Tree Media

PAX East Conference & Licensing Expo

Members of our team had a chance to attend the PAX East Gaming conference in Boston, MA for the first time since the start of the pandemic. Our team enjoyed checking out the latest in all things gaming, including many indie games created by local game studios. We also finalized a partnership with an amazing global gaming company. We look forward to announcing the details of the partnership soon…so stay tuned!

According to their website, the Las Vegas Licensing Expo “has connected the world’s most influential…brand owners and agents with consumer goods manufacturers, licensees, and retailers.” Thousands of licensing industry professionals flew to Las Vegas May 23rd-26th to build partnerships, plan channel releases, and expose themselves to some of the newest brands available to the licensing world—and the BTM team was no exception!

Our studio representatives had the opportunity to meet with our valued licensors and discuss brand and product strategies for 2022 and 2023. We held 50+ meetings over three days with companies, including but not limited to, Sanrio (Hello Kitty), Mr. Men Little Miss, Hasbro, Care Bears, the Smurfs, and Pokemon.

“For me, this was the first meeting with a lot of our licensing partners in person due to COVID. I had the opportunity to network and gained more insight into the future of licensing in general. I was invited to a ‘Women in Toys’ breakfast and attended a character parade, featuring famous characters from Teletubbies, Squishmallows, etc. Overall, this experience was great and informative, despite it being at a limited capacity. The free swag was great too!”Josie Martin, licensing coordinator at Bare Tree Media

Our AR team collaborated with the Smurfs to unveil a Snapchat Lens featured at the Licensing Expo. This hyper-casual gamified lens uses real-time 3D simulations and collision detection to bring users a fun, user-friendly AR experience. This lens also contains a custom link to a Smurfs sticker pack, available for iMessage, that has previously been promoted on our socials. Brands went crazy over the demo and requested our team to create AR experiences for them. Click here to try it out.

ARL Pet Prom & Adopt Don't Shop

Just because Earth Day is in April does not mean we can’t celebrate our planet and the beautiful things it contains all year round. May is National Pet Month and April is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. Bare Tree Media wanted to take the time to encourage our audience to support pets of all kinds.

In keeping with our mission of supporting animal welfare, we partnered with the Animal Rescue League of Boston and designed custom GIFS to promote their “Pet Prom.” The ARL Pet Prom highlights animals looking for their own fairytale happy endings. In addition, our AR team designed an Instagram Camera effect for the event that you can use on your own adopted pet.

Congratulations to the winners, Zilla and Fern, and be sure to check out these GIFs on the ARL’s official GIPHY page.

We created an official GIPHY page for the City of Boston Animal Care and Control Shelter and designed custom GIFS to promote pet adoption and care. Adopting from shelters provides all types of deserving pets with a safe and loving home. Our design intern, Wendy, created a special animated sticker pack for the occasion. Check them out and use them for yourself!

In addition, one of our AR designers, Wayne, created a lens you can use on your own adopted pet! This lens uses machine learning to detect the faces of dogs and cats—even hamsters and then applies the animations. We were so thrilled to see many of our Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok users try this lens.

Tiny Headed Kingdom Roll-out

Say hello to your favorite people with a PIF (a Pip GIF)! This month, Bare Tree Media collaborated with Tiny Headed Kingdom to release GIFs of everyone’s favorite tiny headed animals. Stay tuned for the release of more GIFs this June by checking out our GIPHY page.


We at Bare Tree Media, like so many around the world, are shocked and saddened by the sudden war that erupted in Ukraine. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected, and though we hope for peace to come quickly, we must be part of the solution.

Join us in showing solidarity with the Ukrainian people by sharing and donating to hospitals and other humanitarian efforts, including this one set up by our friends at Geeks for Less, who have strong Ukrainian roots. Donate here.

Eye on AR

Our AR, Design, and Social Media teams worked together to launch multiple virtual experiences across various platforms just in time for festival season! We designed 4 TikTok effects using Effect House and launched them the weekend of Coachella:

Pick one that encapsulates your festival weekend mood and share it while you jam out with your friends!

We are so excited to announce that Effect House is now available for everyone to use on TikTok. We look forward to seeing brands and creators flex their creative muscles in the world of AR. To see what you can create using Effect House, check out the effects we have made on our TikTok profile @baretreemedia.

Bare Tree Media & Quidd Partner on Branded Digital Collectibles

New York, NY – May 18, 2022 — Bare Tree Media, a digital publisher of licensed IPs worldwide, and leading mobile digital collectible platform Quidd have teamed up to offer popular licensed brands as digital collectibles to fans. Within the first two hours of launching one of Bare Tree Media’s licensed branded digital collectibles on Quidd, the series sold out and surpassed $100,000 dollars in sales. 

“We were ecstatic with the sales results we experienced on the Quidd platform on day one of the launch and thereafter. Given this monumental success, we are scheduling monthly product releases through year-end on the Quidd platform and inviting brands to join us.” — Robert Ferrari, President of Bare Tree Media

By working with Bare Tree Media, brands can offer non-NFT digital collectibles to fans to be bought on the primary market and sold on the secondary market within Quidd. If the brand partner wishes to offer an NFT version, they can upgrade their offerings.

“Our unique platform enables us to create, sell, and resell collections that are highly customized for licensors and their fan bases. We seamlessly manage off-chain collections that are bought and sold in USD or handle more advanced collections that are bought and sold in crypto and reside as NFTs. Quidd is unique in that it empowers fans and collectors to make the decision if their collectibles should be stored with Quidd or stored on a blockchain.” — Sam Barberie, VP of Content at Quidd

Upcoming collaborations between Bare Tree Media and Quidd will feature a number of different major brands.

About Bare Tree Media

As a pioneer in the digital creative and technology sector, Bare Tree Media enables brands to reach, engage, and entertain consumers through the creation and digital publishing of branded emojis, messaging stickers, GIFs, digital collectibles, metaverse virtual goods, and augmented reality experiences within popular messaging platforms. Interested brands can learn more at or contact Bare Tree Media at

About Quidd

Quidd, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is the original digital collectibles and NFT marketplace. For over six years, Quidd has facilitated the issuance, sale, and exchange of limited-edition, officially licensed digital collectibles. Quidd supports off-chain and on-chain digital collecting making it an ideal front door for mainstream fans to start building their first branded NFT collection. For more information, visit or download the apps here.

Azerion Welcomes Teletubbies Into the Metaverse

Amsterdam – December 14, 2021 — Azerion, the digital entertainment and media platform behind the popular online games Habbo and Hotel Hideaway, is welcoming the Teletubbies to the metaverse in celebration of the brand’s upcoming 25th anniversary in 2022. Under a new partnership with WildBrain, the collaboration will include the exclusive release of virtual products in Habbo and Hotel Hideaway on December 14th. Products available for purchase with virtual currency include Teletubbies-branded avatar onesies and custom furniture (i.e., Tubby Toaster, Custard Machine, and Noo-Noo the vacuum cleaner).

“We’re excited to work together with Bare Tree Media and WildBrain CPLG on welcoming the iconic Teletubbies into our virtual worlds. This partnership demonstrates the many possibilities when it comes to brand partnerships and immersive experiences in this space. The values the Teletubbies embody will really resonate with the diverse and inclusive communities of Habbo and Hotel Hideaway.” — Madelon Smittenaar, Business Development Manager of Azerion

Established in 2000 by Finnish company Sulake as the first metaverse of its kind, Habbo is a user-generated virtual world and social gaming platform with a distinctive pixel-art style. It is available across nine language communities and attracting Gen Z/Gen Y adults from over 150 countries. Also created by Sulake, Hotel Hideaway offers a 3D role-playing experience with seamlessly integrated opportunities to meet, create, and share.

“This is our first venture into the metaverse with the Teletubbies and we’re excited to see how Gen Z fans engage with the brand in a new and unique way. This is just the start of our Teletubbies 25th anniversary celebrations with a raft of new partners and executions expected next year that will continue to bring the beloved brand to life for fans.”  — Jasen Wright, VP of North America at WildBrain CPLG

The Teletubbies brand partnership and launch is managed by Bare Tree Media, a leader in digital engagement for brands and the global digital licensee of Teletubbies, in collaboration with WildBrain’s leading licensing agency WildBrain CPLG.

“We’re thrilled to bring the Teletubbies into the metaverse through virtual goods for avatars and virtual spaces within Habbo and Hotel Hideaway. The nostalgia that the Teletubbies evoke as true pop culture icons is a perfect fit for the game demographics and we look forward to further releases throughout 2022.”  — Robert Ferrari, President of Bare Tree Media

Join us in celebrating the Teletubbies' 25th Anniversary

Download Habbo & Hotel Hideaway and get into character as your favorite Teletubby.

About Azerion

Azerion is a European gaming, entertainment, and media platform specializing in digital advertising and the creation and distribution of premium digital content. Since its founding in 2014, Azerion’s ambitious growth strategy has been strengthened by the company’s network of in-market presence across the European Community (EC), which serves the interests of local audiences and digital advertisers, publishers, and content creators.

About Bare Tree Media

As a pioneer in the digital creative and technology sector, Bare Tree Media enables brands to reach, engage, and entertain consumers through the creation and digital publishing of branded emojis, messaging stickers, GIFs, digital collectibles, metaverse virtual goods, and augmented reality experiences within popular messaging platforms. Interested brands can learn more at or contact Bare Tree Media at

About WildBrain

WildBrain inspires imaginations to run wild. Their shows (i.e., Peanuts, Teletubbies, Yo Gabba Gabba!, Caillou) are enjoyed worldwide in more than 150 countries on over 500 streaming platforms and telecasters. The company also licenses consumer products and location-based entertainment in every major territory under WildBrain CPLG. Visit us at

Bare Tree Media, Sanrio Partnership Announced

Boston, MA – August 25, 2021 — Sanrio has tapped Bare Tree Media as its digital licensing and marketing partner for Mr. Men Little Miss globally, as well as Hello Kitty and Friends, Aggretsuko, and Gudetama brands in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

With an expertise in digital design and marketing, the team at Bare Tree Media will customize the branded content for global and local markets in the form of iMessage stickers, Google Play stickers, LINE stickers and Emojis, Samsung themes, Facer watch faces, and GIFs featured on a branded GIPHY channel.

“We are thrilled to partner with Sanrio and offer an amazing range of branded digital experiences to fans eager to engage, share, and customize their digital devices and messaging conversations. The Mr. Men Little Miss, Hello Kitty and Friends, Aggretsuko and Gudetama brands appeal to a multi-generational audience. The company’s mission of spreading self-expression, love, and humor aligns perfectly with our content creation and network of global partnerships.” — Robert Ferrari, President of Bare Tree Media

The Mr. Men Little Miss digital content planned will feature the more than 90 diverse characters. The other Sanrio characters to be released will be Hello Kitty, Chococat, Kuromi, My Melody, Bad Badtz-Maru, Little Twin Stars, Aggretsuko, and Gudetama.

About Bare Tree Media

As a pioneer in the digital creative and technology sector, Bare Tree Media enables brands to reach, engage, and entertain consumers through the creation and digital publishing of branded emojis, messaging stickers, GIFs, digital collectibles, metaverse virtual goods, and augmented reality experiences within popular messaging platforms. Interested brands can learn more at or contact Bare Tree Media at

About Sanrio

Sanrio Company, Ltd. is a Japanese entertainment company that licenses, designs, and produces a wide range of products for retail and digital markets. As of 2022, Sanrio has created over 450 characters with Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, gudetama, and My Melody being some of their most iconic. The company also owns the rights to the Mr. Men Little Miss characters. Sanrio prides itself on delivering experiences that align with their vision of “One World, Connecting Smiles.”

Emoji and Sticker Marketing: How Gronk Became Gronkmoji

In 2016, more than 6 billion emojis and stickers were sent every day on mobile messaging apps. Between 2015 and 2016, there was a 609% year-over-year growth of branded campaigns using emojis and stickers.  It’s no wonder major brands including the NFL have jumped on the opportunity to engage with their audience through custom branded emojis and stickers. According to Jana Gauthier, director of digital media for the New England Patriots, “It’s not always the best idea to force consumers to go to your owned and operated platforms; it helps more to be where they are.”

From Gronk to Gronkmoji

Bare Tree Media’s designer, Jessica Lindsay, had the chance to work with the NFL Players Association team when designing Gronkmoji.

When designing the Gronk stickers it was very important to capture his likeness and personality. Gronk is a very fun loving guy so we wanted that to come across in his stickers. That especially is prominent in the series of “Spike!” stickers that we did, referencing his willingness to “Gronk” (or spike) anything for charity. It was fun to incorporate that in his stickers by animating him “Gronk-spiking” all sorts of things including a football, watermelon, beach ball, and a pizza. The pizza spike is definitely my favorite.” — Jessica Lindsay, Designer at Bare Tree Media

Current Trends in Emoji and Sticker Marketing

1. Relatable & Emotional Message

The most successful sticker designs are often those that convey a very relatable emotion or message. It’s important when designing a sticker to think about what emotion or message the sticker will be conveying.

2. Variety of Use

The more variety of use cases you can think of the better. It shows that there are more opportunities for people to use your sticker and it will be more relatable to a greater number of people.

3. Animation

Animation is all the rage right now. If a sticker pack isn’t animated, users are often disappointed. For branded characters, a lot of companies are choosing to go in a heavily stylized depiction of their characters with flat shading and lighter colors. This direction is an attempt to broaden the appeal to more users.